VR is one of the most promising technology’s when it comes to the future of education. I strongly believe that VR can bring new and intresting way of learning. To proof that I builded this simulation with IKEA in mind. Everybody always gets stuck when building their new furniture. To help those people I’ve given them the posibility to build their furniture with more ease by using VR. Not having to lift heavy objects, losing screws or worst of all, being scared that you damage your other furniture. All these issues can be removed if you know what you’re doing. And thats where Closet Builder sim comes in. 

Project info:

  • Teamsize: Solo
  • Engine: Unity
  • Language: C#

All art from the closet and screws are made by me. Sounds and background enviroment are from external sources

Placement helper:


One of the most complex issues I’ve had was being able to correctly place objects dynamically. This includes all possible orders but also being able to place it inversed if the object is symatrical. When this is the case I invert the scale and calculate the distance between the target. After normalizing that I mutliply it by the screws lenght to place it at exactly the same spot where it was before inversing the scale

Screw helper:


Unlike the Placement helper. This helper was used on the screwdrivers themself. One of the most important things was to seamlessly reuse it when finishing a task so that it can be instandly reused. On top of that I’ve put most of the code in late update to overwrite steam’s default hand positioning code. This way i was able to lock the hand and the screwdriver in a small range when required




And at last the script that held responsibility for loading and starting new tasks. This component was easy to use and gave enough possibility to create every task sequence required.