Client project for Nickolodeon where they wanted to promote their new serrie by using a game. The concept of the game involved earning stickers which could be converted to discounts on their toy line-up. The hardest thing about this project was working with children from 4+ years old which made it difficult to comminicate gameplay with actions.

Project info:

  • Teamsize: 3-4 developers, 1 UX designer, 1 gameplay designer,                                   3-5 artists, 1 animator
  • Engine: Unity
  • Language: C#, JAVA

Playstore trailer

Some of my responsibilities were:

  • Closely working togheter with animator and designers to set up fun gameplay.
  • Creating tweakable gameplay systems for future gamemodes.
  • Adding polishment to existing features.
  • Finding and implementing fitting audio.
  • Saving user data

Sadly I’m not allowed to share any code snippets because of the clients NDA and developers own custom library. If you’re intrested in hearing about the technical side of this project feel free to contact me