The concept of making games/simulations with only a few rules, but many outcomes. that’s what this project was all about. Some examples are Langton’s ant, Game of life, Flocking and L-system

Project info:
-teamsize: solo
-engine: Unity
-language: C#

This was a solo project. Everything except for the art/sound is made by myself

Langton’s ant

Langton’s ant might be one of the easiest algorithms that can create an nice visual effect. It works by repeating just a couple lines of code which slowly over time evolve into different shapes such as a hearth

Game of life

Just like langton’s ant, this one also repeats the same code again. The onliest difference is that in the ‘Game of life’ when its a  cells turn to check. It will check its neighbors around him and depending on their state (on/off) the cell will switch 


Unlike the previous two. This system works differently. L-system is based upon an order of rules and it uses that to draw different kind of trees. for example, you have rules that say a = ab; b = a; this will continue to loop for a certain amount of iterations jumping from 1 point the other. Over time this will form some spectacular drawings


Last but not least we have flocking. It is a simulation that shows how birds fly or how fish swim. Depending on the surroundings of an unit it will rotate and move at the same speed without restricting itself from steering in his own behaviour. This will lead to groups following each other and sometime splitting up if one of the units gets separated too far