A rhythm game on mobile devices where you slice food on the beat. This project was a challenging one. Mobile game development is intresting, but it has a lot of downsides. My biggest downside was finding out that the audio sync’s differently on certain devices even though it runs perfectly on PC. Another big struggle was the google play service which just wouldn’t work for our group but also other groups

Project info:
-teamsize 4: (2 devs, 2 artists)
-engine: Unity
-language: C#

List of some things I’ve done in this project:

– Part of the data reader for map loading
– all gameplay elements
– game intro
– audio system

Map Reader:


This class reads all the data and uses it to position the new objects. Reading is only done once and then it will get saved in the editor to save performance. After that it’s just positioning objects based on an index in a vector list.

Score Manager:


In addition to finishing the level we build a score system to make it more interesting. On the left you can see how I display score and how I build a simple combo system. This score later gets saved and send to a database.