With this project I went on and tried to go big. I’ve learned how hard it is and how much time it takes when you actually make a ‘bigger’ game. This was fully done in my own time and I sadly had to stop working on it because I needed the time for other projects. But I’m very happy with the result.

Project info:
-teamsize: solo
-engine: Unity
-language: C#

This was a solo project. Everything except for the art/sound is made by myself

Character behaviour:


Here you see the main structure of my player, including the input. In here it will load the character data and init other scripts associated with the character. Another thing this script is useful for is getting a grip of the stats, equipment and overall effects that apply to the player.

Character Attack:


Here you see my functions for starting attacks and abilitys. In here I can determine which abilities the player has .Also the base attack/ability class at the bottom. To make use of CharacterAttack you would make a new class for a character type and let it inherit from this.



Last but not least here we have my class for items such as weapons and armor. To be more specific these are the dropped items you get from chests which get reused from an object pool.