Work experience

Talespin - Unity developer intern

During my time at talespin I was able to work on a project from early development all the way till release. Seeing the full cycle of a game really changed my perspective of how I code. The game I worked on was Rise of the TMNT: Power Up! The client in this case was Nickelodeon. More about this can be found HERE. But in short it was basically a game that makes use of the devices motion to move and later included some AR gameplay. 

One of the most important things that I’ve learned was that working for a client wasn’t easy. Impossable requests, difficult requirements, slow communication and much more. This has opened my eyes and shown me the real struggle you have to go through when making a  game. Besides that, we used quiet some plugins and our own utility’s library. This ended up causing multiple bugs that were hard to solve or sometimes even find. All this combined showed me that I really wasn’t ready yet to work fulltime as a developer because I was lacking basic knowledge of the real industry.

During my time there I was treated a Junior developer instead of an intern. Since day one they gave me real assignments on the project starting simple but quickly building up to setting up full gameplay systems. On top of that I’ve been working closely with the design and animation teams to make sure the game was at its best. And at the end of the project I even got assignments to update their utility library with some stuff we used during the game.

Thanks to talespin I have been able to improve myself dramatically. Not only have I fully changed my way of thinking and writing code. I’ve also established a good foundation of the real industry including contracts, income sources, handling clients, development cycles and much more. I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to work here and gain so much knowledge and responsability.

Little Chicken - Unity developer intern

Starting at 2th of September